Horoscope today: July 1, 2020

Every single day brings with itself a brand new opportunity. Will you live a life of passion or choose mediocrity? Stop playing rookie with your dreams, Cancer. Capricorn, ‘practice’ is your power word. Nurture the skills you have acquired over the past few months. Set a few hours aside each week for this activity. Virgo, a big breakthrough moment is on the cards for you. Take a moment to acknowledge the obstacles that challenged you to level up.

Aries Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Have you ever looked at your dreams and wondered, “What was I thinking? That seems impossible!” Not anymore, Aries. This phase of your life requires you to believe in the impossible and get into action mode. Watch how the circumstances align to support your growth. On the interpersonal front you're bringing peace and harmony. If there are any relationships that have been affected negatively by the retrograde energy, now is the time to work through the differences.Cosmic tip: Believe in the impossible and get into action mode.
Taurus Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Self-care is a big theme in the Taurus HQ. You are realising the importance of prioritising yourself. Being in a space of fullness helps you serve from a space of fullness. Sounds like a win-win! Love and romance are also big themes right now. Some of you could be feeling the spark with an old friend. Are you in love or merely infatuated? Only time will tell. Word for the wise: explore the connection but avoid making hasty decisions.Cosmic tip: Self-care game on!
Gemini Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Sometimes we settle for less because we don’t believe we deserve better or because we’re convinced the Universe isn’t playing on our team. Spoiler alert, Gemini: there are bigger and better things on the horizon for you. The real question is: are you willing to let go of the things that are no longer supporting your growth? Those who have faced their fears will find that the doors that were once shut are now opening up. It's okay to not have the entire road map in front of you. Let 'one step at a time' become your mantra.Cosmic tip: The path less trodden beckons.
Cancer Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Every single day brings with itself a brand new opportunity. Will you live a life of passion or choose mediocrity? The cards are pointing towards your side gig, Cancer. What's keeping you from making it your main hustle? Is the fear of rejection getting in the way of you living an expanded life? Now is the time to stop playing rookie, believe in your dreams, and take the next big step. Leave the how and the why to the Universe. When we live in alignment with the grand plan, things have an uncanny way of working out.Cosmic tip: Live a life of passion.
Leo Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
This may be an especially challenging time in the Leo HQ. You may feel like things are not working in your favour despite your best efforts. Instead of pushing against the flow, slow down. Let life reveal the grand plan to you. Drama and betrayal on the personal front could further push you down the rabbit hole. Resist the urge to shut down and reach out to your soul tribe. Cosmic tip: Reach out.
Virgo Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
It's not that you haven't thought about giving up at different points. It's that you've learned to summon your higher self and acknowledge every challenge as the path to a greater learning. Wednesday finds you slaying yet another dragon and moving closer to the finish line. Trust that the Universe is your co-conspirator on this journey. On the personal front, however, conflict is showing up as a big theme. Let go of your need to be right at all times and listen to what others have to say. Bring forth the energy of peace.Cosmic tip: You're in the mood to slay dragons.
Libra Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
We spend so much time doubting our capabilities and worrying about the judgements of others that we forget to notice all the ways in which we are born to shine. Your thoughts exactly, Libra. You're in the mood to take the cloak of invisibility off, grab the microphone, and share your message with the world. Some of you may feel inspired to step into a leadership position too. Given that we're in retrograde season, revisiting ideas and projects you've bookmarked for later could be a big theme. You'll recognise potential when you see it.Cosmic tip: Born to shine.
Scorpio Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Surrendering is not an act of defeat. It is an act of wakeful collaboration with the Universe. Today, you're ready to let go of that energy of neediness. You trust that everything you need will come to you at the precise moment it is meant to. On the interpersonal front, however, you could find yourself dealing with boundary issues. In order to support the people in your life, you need to be able to support yourself first. Don't shy away from speaking your truth.Cosmic tip: Surrender.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Every time planets go into retrograde, the past comes up in a big way. But before you go around cursing this energy, take a moment to notice what the Universe is showing you. Chances are, there's a blessing in here for you, Sagittarius. Some of you are likely to experience this throwback moment in the realm of love and relationships. It's true that things didn't work out in the past for a reason. But you have evolved and so have they. Trust what your instinct is telling you about this situation.Cosmic tip: The past could come up in a *good* way.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
Your time away from the matrix has been enriching in so many ways. You've taken time out to nurture your skills. The Universe is reminding you that you're just getting started. Continue to stay committed to your path. Set a certain number of hours aside every week for practice. This is a non-negotiable clause, Capricorn. Aim to be better at what you do everyday, but don't get hung up on the idea of perfection. Taking the losses and failures in your stride will ultimately open the door to success.Cosmic tip: Practice, practice.
Aquarius Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
We get so obsessed with the idea of how we should be, that we forget to notice all the ways in which we are growing and evolving right now. But, there's a deep inner alchemy within you, one that's inspiring radical self-love. Aquarius, you're celebrating who you are now. This new found self-confidence is helping you make bold moves in the realm of work. You're willing to move forward despite the fears, with the inner knowing that victory will ultimately be yours.Cosmic tip: Radical self-love is the magic ingredient.
Pisces Horoscope Today: July 1, 2020
When we create from our small, three-dimensional selves, we face roadblocks at every step. However, when we make space for Spirit to step in, the path begins to clear out for us in miraculous ways. Where will you choose to vibrate at, Pisces? Who will you partner up with on this journey to greatness? Consider the 'less anxiety and more trust' mantra—just for today. On the personal front, let go of the need to be right at all times. Practice active listening and be receptive to what other people have to say. You won't be able to focus on what's important unless you get out of the ego space.Cosmic tip: Co-create with Spirit.

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