Your Career Horoscope for July 2020

Ready to time travel with me? Close your eyes and visualise the most recent vacation you took. What were the thoughts and feelings you’d wake up with? Was it the rude awakening of your alarm clock and the voice of your boss (in your head, but nonetheless) repeating all the tasks you hadn’t done? Or a song in your heart reminding you of all the places you’re yet to explore and all the desserts that you’re meant to devour? For the next 30 days, I want you to check in with yourself each and every morning and ask yourself, “What do I want to do for myself today?” Make a list of five things in the a.m.—they could include activities like making art, practicing yoga, watching your favourite show, taking a walk in the park, or savouring a home cooked meal—as you vow to check off at least two-three of these activities daily. Give yourself the permission to visit your to-do list only once this ritual is complete.

Self-care may sound counterintuitive at a time like this, self-indulgent even. Understand that everything in the Universe works inside out. In other words, when you show up for yourself, you’ll be able to show up for the world. Operating from a space of fullness, rather than lack, not only raises your vibrations, but also enhances the quality of your work. But don’t believe a word I say. Let direct experience open the portal to a higher dimension.

Gemini, you’ll find that checking in with yourself is doubly important in the beginning of the month. Trust that the process of integration will assist you in finding clarity and realigning with your true path. Cancer, this is a time of transition. You will come to realise that one cannot go from action to action. Rest and relaxation are important too. Leo, endings on the work front are indicated for you. So, slow down. Follow the path of least resistance. The Universe knows what is in alignment with your highest good.

Aries Career Horoscope for July 2020
Everything in the Universe changes, evolves, and transforms. Such is the order of life. The inner work you’ve dedicated yourself to over the past few months is paying off, Aries. You're now clearer than ever before about what you're meant to create and how you're meant to serve. Your willingness to show up for your mission every day, in every way, is commendable. 'Carpe diem' promises to be your mantra this month! You will have many things to look forward to in the coming weeks. Projects that have been stuck will get that much-needed push. At the same time, if you've been waiting on the results of something, trust that the verdict will be in your favour. Unyielding faith in the Universe, along with a sunny disposition, will do wonders when it comes to attracting the things you truly deserve.Spirit animal guidance: The butterfly comes as a reminder that you are about to break out of your cocoon and become the powerhouse you were always meant to be.
Taurus Career Horoscope for July 2020
Our need for validation makes us do things we're not proud of—hiding our true selves being a prime example. This new chapter of your life requires you to fully step into your power as you acknowledge the gifts you've been blessed with. No more playing it small, Taurus. It's time to give that cloak of invisibility the send-off it deserves. There are six more months for you to achieve the things that you’d set out to earlier this year. Yes, you will be faced with challenges. Keep in mind that the road to success is paved with failures. By honouring the soul lessons, you will find the strength and courage required to level up!Spirit animal guidance: The canary spirit is giving you the power to own your unique gifts and sing your own song.
Gemini Career Horoscope for July 2020
There are days you wake up feeling like Beyoncé, and then there are days you are unable to crawl out of the covers. Instead of playing tug of war with the Universe, accept both the ebb and the flow. The beginning of July will require a greater degree of self-care, Gemini. Trust that the process of integration will assist in finding the clarity and realigning you with your soul’s mission. This is a time of strengthening the foundation, taking practical decisions, and following the plan of action (instead of taking risks). Financial rewards will give you the affirmation that you are on the right path. PS: Your soul fam could be instrumental in helping you take your work to the next level.Spirit animal guidance: Surrendering is not an act of defeat. It is an act of conscious collaboration with the Universe, which the moth is reminding you of.
Cancer Career Horoscope for July 2020
We're always in a rush to get somewhere or to complete something. It’s safe to say that this goal-oriented approach has killed our mojo and taken us away from the simple pleasures of life. This month, you’re being asked to honour and acknowledge the collective message of slowing down, to tune in to the needs of your body and give yourself the love and care you deserve. Remember, we cannot go from action to action. We have to make space for rest and relaxation in order to refuel our reserves. Following the path of least resistance is another lesson you want to be mindful of. When things do not go as planned on the work front, resist the urge to repeat the old story that portrays you as the failure. Step into the role of the observer and understand what the Universe is asking you to let go of.Spirit animal guidance: The groundhog spirit is here to remind you that things are not happening to you, they're happening for you. Accept the natural ending of this chapter in your life.
Leo Career Horoscope for July 2020
July is going to be anything but easy. You may feel like you're walking through the fires of hell. Instead of going into that space of victimhood, ask yourself the question, “What is the Universe showing me?” Stay connected to your higher wisdom, Leo. Moment-to-moment awareness will help you find your answers. When the Universe steps in to take certain things away, know that the path is being cleared for your greater good. For some of you, this could manifest into a sudden ending on the work front, or a pay cut of sorts. When you remember to look for the light on the darkest of nights, you will realise that you are being redirected towards your true north.Spirit animal guidance: Don’t let ‘worldly responsibilities’ get the better of you. The brown bear spirit is telling you it’s time to take a nap.
Virgo Career Horoscope for July 2020
What if our hobbies are more than just something to engage with in our free time? Observe what makes your soul sing, Virgo. When you are in a state of flow, you are in communion with the divine forces. In other words, you are the conduit for creativity and a channel through which the Universe expresses itself. This month, you could finally muster up the courage you need to follow your passion. For some of you, this could mean converting your side hustle into your main gig. Trust that you will be able to attract wealth and abundance too. On the downside, betrayal could also be a big theme in the coming weeks. Trust your gut feelings. If somebody is being dishonest with you, you'll know right away. Understanding who aren't your allies is just as important as understanding who is playing on your team. Trust that the assistance you seek will come to you at the right time.Spirit animal guidance: The electric eel is awakening you to the big ideas that you’re meant to explore and bring to life.
Libra Career Horoscope for July 2020
This month, you’re being asked to reflect upon Maya Angelou’s words: “When somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” You're about to have some major revelations about who aren't your allies. But don’t give in to the panic, Libra! Nobody gets to salt your game, unless you allow them into your sacred space. So keep your eyes on the prize, and focus on moving forward. If you're in the creative field, consider trademarking your work to protect yourself against plagiarism. On the upside, you will have a clearer picture of who your fellow warriors are. This is a time of fruitful collaborations on the career and creativity front. If you feel aligned with their vision, it’s time to say “I do”.Spirit animal guidance: Our outer conditions are constantly in flux. The chameleon spirit is giving you the power of adaptability in the midst of this great change.
Scorpio Career Horoscope for July 2020
A month of synchronicities awaits you, Scorpio. Oh, the things we make space for when we become one with the flow! Trust that you will attract the right opportunities at work, along with the people who are meant to play the role of the catalyst in your journey. Stay connected to your higher wisdom and continue to follow the signs that are being revealed to you. The beginning of Leo season will bring with itself the opportunity to plant the seeds of a new tomorrow. Remember, the strength of the foundation will determine the stability of your empire. Let ‘patience’ and ‘persistence’ become your power words.Spirit animal guidance: With the assistance of the antelope spirit, things that were once stuck will start speeding up.
Sagittarius Career Horoscope for July 2020
If you don't believe in your own dreams, who will, Sagittarius? Take the first step. Make that bold move. Commit to living a life of passion. Trust that the Universe will meet you halfway. This is a time of new beginnings on the career front. Take this opportunity to lay a solid foundation—one that will support your vision for years to come. If investing in your own business is something you feel inspired to do, trust that you will manifest the funds required to put your plans into action. The key: staying open. Those who are dissatisfied with things on the financial front are being asked to put their foot down. You are indispensable to the organisation. By knowing your worth, you will be able to ask for what you deserve.Spirit animal guidance: The badger spirit is inspiring you to tap into your inherent fearlessness. You won’t regret making that monumental change—we promise!
Capricorn Career Horoscope for July 2020
Given the state of affairs, your finances could suffer in the weeks to come. Some of you may also have to make peace with losses/pay cuts. But the good thing is that you're aligned with your soul’s mission and following your bliss. The Universe is showing you duality at its best, Capricorn. Instead of complaining about all the things that are not working out, focus on the ones that are. Gratitude is the highest of vibrations, one that unifies us with Source energy and makes us alluring to all the things that have been evading us. If that isn’t a good enough reason to borrow a sunny disposition, then what is? Remember, things are not going to be as action-packed as you’d like them to be. It’s time to conserve energy for all the exciting projects that are yet to come. So, get off the metaphorical treadmill—now!Spirit animal guidance: The turtle is blessing you with a ‘dolce far niente’ spirit. It’s time to slow down.
Aquarius Career Horoscope for July 2020
We all love our stories, don't we? Stories that portray us as the victim and reveal all the bad stuff we’ve been subjected to over a period of time. Careful, Aquarius! This story is quickly becoming your reality. The cards are asking you to take charge of your vibes, to become mindful of the energy you’re putting into the Universe. Start narrating a tale where you emerge as the hero and receive both rewards and recognition. This may feel odd in the beginning, but it will help you break past your conditioning. Delays and difficulties could also be a constant. Again, you don’t have to give in to the drama created by your own mind. Be patient and allow the Universe to reveal the grand plan to you. If your mental health is a cause of concern, have an open and honest conversation with those around you (and your boss). Taking time off to recuperate will help you find that mind, body, and soul balance.Spirit animal guidance: Aren’t you tired of the voice that whispers, “Not good enough”? The lion spirit wants you to know that you can overcome low self-esteem by stepping into healthy pride.
Pisces Career Horoscope for July 2020
If the law of attraction is anything to go by, we are the conscious creators of our destiny. This is something you want to keep in mind, now and for the rest of the year, Pisces. The Universe is giving you the opportunity to rebuild your career. So keep your long-term goals in mind as you align yourself with the forces that help you level up. Some of you may feel inspired to invest in a business of your own or start a new venture. Find a middle ground between your intuitive and your practical side in order to move forward. Oh, and one more thing! Let go of the ‘things don’t work out for me’ narrative as you do. The Universe is in the mood to help you manifest major miracles—now!Spirit animal guidance: The beaver spirit is here to help you build a solid foundation, one that can support your dreams.

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