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Horoscope today: July 23, 2020

What comes to your mind when we say the word ‘tribe’? Your blood ties are important, Libra, as you are bound together by shared history. But, in some ways, the bonds you forge outside of the home are even more sacred, as you invest in them out of free will rather than necessity. These are the connections you will be celebrating over the next few days. Virgo, you, on the other hand, are being shown the relationships that are not in alignment with your highest good. The need to reaffirm your boundaries is more important than ever before. Scorpio, consent is tricky territory. But you don’t have to say yes to anything you don’t resonate with. A mantra you want to remember now and for the rest of your life: your body, your rules.

Aries Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
Spending time indoors has given you perspective on so many things, your interpersonal relationships included. There are always two sides to every story: yours, and that of the other person. When we're up in our heads, which tends to happen a whole lot, we convince ourselves that our truth is the ultimate truth. Today, without bringing hurt, pain, and judgement into the equation, have a conversation with your loved one(s) about how you felt disrespected. Reading up about non-violent communication is a good way forward. PS: Healing your relationship with your maternal side could be a big theme in the coming days.Cosmic tip: Practice compassion. Listen to the other side of the story without judgement.
Taurus Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
Everything works inside out—a truth you have made peace with over the past few months. Today, the cards are urging you to engage in a vibe check. Make two lists at the start of your day: one consisting of all the things you are worried about, and the other consisting of things you are grateful for. Shifting your gaze to all that is working for you will strip your troubles of their power. Engaging in body work is also an excellent way to alleviate your troubles. It doesn't have to be a gruelling workout. A walk in the park followed by a few yoga stretches works just fine, Taurus.Cosmic tip: Make a gratitude list.
Gemini Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
What do you do when you realise the cross is too heavy to bear? Unhealed trauma from your childhood could be resurfacing at this moment. Confront your demons instead of choosing the path of denial, Gemini. Work with a healer, a shaman or psychotherapist if you need somebody to hold space for you as you go through your catharsis. Remember, it's not your fault. It never was. Forgive yourself before you get to the other person.Cosmic tip: Free yourself from the childhood trauma that forced you to grow up sooner than you wanted to.
Cancer Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
The past few months have been healing and cathartic on so many levels. But that doesn't mean they haven't been painful or that you haven't been tempted to give up halfway. Thursday finds you simultaneously mourning your past self, and expressing gratitude for this journey. You understand that things had to turn out a certain way in order to teach you important life lessons. But that doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom, Cancer. The Universe is giving you a glimpse of where you are being led to. Be receptive.Cosmic tip: This is a time of healing and making peace with your past.
Leo Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
At any point of time you have two options: to continue to live a mundane existence, or to strive for greatness. If the mysterious smile on your face is anything to go by, you are not in the mood to settle. The cards are urging you to look beyond the illusion of your current reality and believe in the impossible. Yes, there will be people who try to convince you that now is not a time to take chances, or that you are being unrealistic. A part of the growth process is remembering what needs to be tuned out.Cosmic tip: Listen to your inner voice, which is urging you to strive for greatness.
Virgo Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
There are conversations that make you want to sing and dance in public, and then there are exchanges that make you wish you never got out of bed. Notice the people who constantly make you feel drained. The people who do not consider your joy as their own. Who taint your relationship with the lower vibrational energies of envy and competitiveness. They are not your people, Virgo. It's time to be accountable for your time and energy, and draw boundaries wherever necessary. In certain cases, a cord cutting ritual may be the answer.Cosmic tip: Draw boundaries wherever necessary.
Libra Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
What comes to your mind when we say the word 'tribe'? Your blood ties are important, Libra, as you are bound together by shared history. But, in some ways, the bonds you forge outside of the home are even more sacred, as you invest in them out of free will rather than necessity. Today, you're being asked to notice the people who are showing up for you despite their own trials and tribulations and celebrating your victories like their own. If you have had any doubts about the strength of these bonds, they will be cleared in the days to come.Cosmic tip: Celebrate your soul family.
Scorpio Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
Consent is a tricky territory. You may say 'yes' to one thing, but you may not be prepared for everything that comes with it. Statutory warning: your partner could be in a rather kinky mood today. But if their kinks don't match yours, feel free to draw boundaries. Your body, your rules, Scorpio. Some of you may even come to the realisation that you have been putting up with an abusive relationship (one that may or may not be romantic). Could your need for their approval be the reason you're putting up with their unhealthy behavioural patterns? Get to the root cause.Cosmic tip: Your body, your rules.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
Ayurvedic texts reveal Chyawanprash as the fountain of youth, while Chinese medicine promotes herbs like Zhi Shi and Shan Zha as the key to longevity and good health. But your soul knows that elixirs and potions are merely supplements. The secret to a robust life is inner peace and happiness—qualities that are present to you in abundance. But here's the catch: every time you notice that mysterious glow, you could recede into a space of guilt and shame. Let go of the voice in your head that's telling you that bliss is momentary and misery is the only constant. PS: allow yourself to be in the moment.Cosmic tip: Your cup has runneth over.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
The things that are not working out are giving you a clue as to what you need to let go of in order to align yourself with the truth. Instead of resisting the process, which will only cause chaos, become receptive to where you are being redirected towards. Going with the flow is so much easier than trying to swim upstream, right? Some of you may feel inspired to get another degree or go back to your books. As a Capricorn, the lack of financial security can be disconcerting. Think of education as an investment into your future rather than a loss.Cosmic tip: You could be thinking about going back to your books.
Aquarius Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
Expansion is big on your agenda right now, especially if you have your own business. This is an opportune time for you to reach out to a new audience and widen the scope of your work. Be both a dreamer and a doer, Aquarius. Some of you may be in a long distance relationship at this point. The past few months may have been challenging, but that doesn't mean you weren't blessed with moments of bliss. If you believe in the strength of this bond, do what it takes to make things work. PS: The Universe has got your back!Cosmic tip: You have what it takes to make things work.
Pisces Horoscope Today: July 23, 2020
The road to here hasn't been easy, but you displayed courage in the face of adversities, which has brought you where you are today. The Universe is applauding you for your strength, Pisces, and preparing you to receive the fruits of your labour. Both fame and recognition are right around the corner. This may also be a time of signing contracts and agreements. The only question you want to ask yourself before you move forward: Is this in alignment with my highest good? Remember, you don't have to say yes to anything simply because it looks good on paper.Cosmic tip: Both fame and recognition are right around the corner.

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