Horoscope today: August 10, 2020

Ah, acceptance! Such a small word, yet so hard to put into practice. Leo, you’re being asked to tap into your compassionate side and allow people to be as they are, rather than how you’d like them to be. It is when we let go of our resistance that the most testing relationships transform before our own eyes. Capricorn, you’re being asked to reflect upon the idea of freedom and how you can liberate yourself from the weight of your own expectations. Pisces, your inner oracle is speaking loud and clear. It’s time to honour the messages that are coming through even if your logical mind is unable to comprehend them.

Aries Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Your time away from the noise of the outside world has provided you with a wonderful opportunity to look within. So, who are you really, and what are the truths that form the foundation of your life? Now is a good time to re-examine your beliefs and discard the ones that were handed down to you by others. Maybe they served you at a certain time in your life, but they are of no value to you now. Trust that it is the process of shedding old skin that will help you move closer and closer to your true self.Cosmic tip: Re-examine your beliefs.
Taurus Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Given that you're undergoing a massive transformation, how can your friend list remain static? Today, the cards are asking you to acknowledge both the ties that have survived the test of time and tide, and the ones that no longer seem to fit the narrative. Instead of prolonging the pain, let go of that which is no longer yours with gratitude on your lips. Remember, change is neither good nor bad. It simply is. Keep in mind that you are now making space for new relationships.Cosmic tip: Let go with gratitude on your lips.
Gemini Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Healing is not an overnight journey. It takes place in parts. The only thing you can do is commit to showing up for it. Today, the Universe is in the mood to hold up a mirror that reflects the progress you've made. This shift will be most visible in your relationship with the masculine. But that doesn't mean your mind won't go back to the past every now and then. Remind yourself that there's nothing you can do to change what's gone, and do your best to stay in the present.Cosmic tip: You've come a long way, Gemini!
Cancer Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
There are things that have helped you reach the epitome of success, and then there are decisions that made you realise what rock bottom is made of. But no experience is good or bad. Each of them played a significant role in making you the person you are now. Today, instead of looking outside for answers, you're being asked to review your own life and assimilate the learnings. This will help you tap into your own reservoir of wisdom and make you the most invincible version of yourself.Cosmic tip: Draw from the well of your own experiences.
Leo Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Ah, acceptance! Such a small word yet so hard to put into practice. Today, you're being asked to tap into your compassionate side and allow people to be as they are, rather than how you'd like them to be. It is when we let go of our resistance that the most testing relationships transform before our own eyes. Leos who are hoping to get hitched could receive a grand proposal through their family. Again, it's best to explore the option without bringing judgements into the equation. You never know until you know!Cosmic tip: Tap into your compassionate side today.
Virgo Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Aren't you tired of playing tug of war with the Universe? Of trying to control every aspect of the manifestation process? Today you're being asked to step back just a little, to release the stress that's been weighing you down, and replace anxiety with trust. Everything is transpiring as it is meant to. You will receive the fruits of your labour in due course of time. Let go of the need for gratification, for now, and focus on putting in the work.Cosmic tip: Trust in the divine order.
Libra Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
So what if you can't pack your bags and set off on a brand new adventure? You can still indulge your curious nature and learn about other cultures. Turn to your own book shelf for inspiration or sign up for a virtual course. The possibilities are endless when your mind is open, Libra. Love and romance could also be a big theme for you right now. You don't have to put a label on it just yet, or play by the rules that were handed down to you. Stay present to the moment and see where this exploration leads you too.Cosmic tip: You're in the mood for an adventure.
Scopio Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Going with the flow means that you need to understand when to push and when to let go. Scorpio, you're being asked to follow the path of least resistance right now. If the door you're knocking on refuses to open, it's because you're meant to find another way around the same door. Take a deep breath. Step away from the chaos. Tune in to your higher self. It is during the moments of silence that you will be able to tap into the wisdom available to you.Cosmic tip: Know when to push and when to let go.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Think about the last time you really wanted something and the Universe rearranged itself to let you have your way. What does that tell you about your own power, Sagittarius? That you are a master manifestor who possesses the power to co-create miracles. Today, you’re being asked to keep this in mind and focus on finding creative solutions to surmount the given challenge. Push yourself to keep going when you're most tempted to give up, and know that there is a breakthrough on the other side of this journey.Cosmic tip: Keep moving forward.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Painter and poet Kahlil Gibran once said, "No human relationship gives one possession in another—every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship or in love, the two side by side raise hands to find what one cannot reach alone." The start of this week sees you rethinking the idea of freedom within the dynamics of your relationships, and raising the question, 'Is love that clips your wings, love at all?' Start by letting go of the weight of unrealistic expectations, Capricorn. Allow yourself to be who you are as you hold space for the other to bring authenticity into your sacred space. The change may seem daunting in the beginning, but you will soon realise that ‘unconditional’ is the only way to be.Cosmic tip: Here's to a love that's synonymous with freedom!
Aquarius Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
You don't have to agree on everything, Aquarius. How terribly boring would life be if you did? Differences enable us to see the world from a wider lens. So, let go of your resistance and actively listen to their side of the story. Who knows? You may even learn a few new things in the process. On the work front, the opportunity to partner up may be on the cards. Again, look for somebody with qualities that are complementary to yours.Cosmic tip: Get ready to find the yin to your yang.
Pisces Horoscope Today: August 10, 2020
Rewind to moments in your life when you just *knew*. Your inner oracle was helping you look beyond the veil and see things as they are, rather than how you want them to be. Similarly, the messages you're receiving now are also coming through from a higher plane of consciousness. Instead of bringing your logical mind into the equation, honour the guidance, and show up for your path. Some of you may even find yourself playing the role of a mentor or guide. Your tribe could do with some extra love and support in these trying times.Cosmic tip: Honour what your inner oracle is pointing you towards.

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