Horoscope today: August 25, 2020

This is an especially blissful time for committed Scorpios. The road that brought you here felt like an obstacle course, but you’re finally ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the life you’re building together. Trust that things will only get better from here. Librans in the market for love could be pleasantly surprised. You may even feel a spark with somebody from your past. Single Pisceans, on the other hand, are in the mood to be set up. Turn to that one friend or relative who sees you for who you are. You never know what might transpire when you begin to believe there’s something special out there for you!

Aries Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
Giving and receiving. Receiving and giving. This is what keeps the flow of energy going, Aries. You could blame your partner or your circumstances for how you are feeling right now, but the truth is you're unwilling to receive, which in turn is blocking the flow of love into your life. The cards are urging you to loosen the grip just a wee bit, make yourself vulnerable, and have an open, honest conversation about how you're feeling right now. This is the only way to move forward.Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to receive.
Taurus Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
You may feel like you and your SO (or loved ones) are not on the same page right now. Don't worry! There's nothing major going on. It's just that you would like to spend more quality time together, while they're in the mood to bury themselves in work. How do you navigate a situation like this? Meeting them halfway, of course! When you choose to be compassionate towards where they are and what they're going through, they'll meet you in the middle.Cosmic tip: Yes, there is a middle ground!
Gemini Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
Take a moment to look back at the trajectory of your evolution. You're definitely not the same person you were when you walked into this year. You're not even the same person you were a few months ago. Given that so much has changed in your inner landscape, it is but natural that your relationships will mirror the same energy. Today, the cards are asking you to become aware of what your external reality is showing you. Single Geminis could discover that they share a spark with somebody they've known for a long time.Cosmic tip: Your external reality is showing you all the ways in which you have transformed.
Cancer Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
Some of you could be dealing with a serious case of sleepless nights at the moment. But, do you really want to feed your fears or surrender them to the divine forces? This is a decision only you can make, Cancer, and it will need an iron will on your part. Speaking of insomnia, though, here are a few witchy tips to get you through the 'dark night'. Brew a cup of lavender or chamomile tea (with intention), and get ready to astral travel to the higher dimensions. Placing an amethyst under your pillow is also known to alleviate stress and tension.Cosmic tip: There's nothing like a good night's sleep to prepare you for the day ahead.
Leo Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
For each thing that's going awry, there are at least five things that are aligning for you. Where are you going to focus your gaze, Leo? Remember, it all comes down to inner alignment. Coupled lions could feel like their SO isn't prioritising their relationship. Instead of going down the rabbit hole of negative emotions, have an open and honest conversation with them about how you are feeling about your equation. You will understand that there are always two sides to every story.Cosmic tip: Shift your gaze to what's working out for you.
Virgo Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
This is a tricky time in the Virgo HQ. But before you go around blaming your circumstances for what's going wrong, take stock of your emotions. Are you being honest with yourself about the given situation? If not, there's no way you will be able to communicate with others. Some of you may feel like you're not as invested in your relationship as you used to be, or that you're developing feelings for somebody outside of this sacred bond. Don't be in a haste to make any decisions. There's nothing like time and space to give you the perspective you need right now.Cosmic tip: Take stock of your emotions.
Libra Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
This is an especially lucky time in the Libra HQ. Things could work out for you unexpectedly on the love and romance front. We're not talking about fleeting romances here. We're talking about the ‘together forever’ kind of love. The beating of your heart will tell you everything you need to know about the given situation. Some of you may even be reconnecting with a suitor from your past. It's true that things didn't work out the way you wanted them to back then, but life is giving you a second chance.Cosmic tip: Everything is coming up roses for you.
Scorpio Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
This is an especially blissful time for Scorpios who've said 'I do'. The road that brought you here felt like an obstacle course, but you're finally ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the life you're building together. Trust that things will only get better from here. What's more, a new source of income is indicated in your partner's cards too. Those who have been seeing each other for a while may feel inspired to have 'the conversation'. Put your worries to rest. They're on the same page as you are.Cosmic tip: Enjoy the life you are building together.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
This is a time of renewed passion in the Sagittarius HQ. You are remembering all the reasons why you embarked upon this journey, which in turn is motivating you to move forward despite the obstacles on your path. What the Universe wants you to know: the impossible is possible right now! Speaking of passion, your romantic life is also likely to benefit from this surge of energy. PS: Somebody you've been in the 'benefits' zone with could be in the mood to give commitment a shot.Cosmic tip: This is a time of renewed passion.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
Birth and fertility is a big theme in the Capricorn HQ. Forget about what that report says, and commit to the sacred act of making love with the one you love. Who knows? You and your SO could witness the miracle of life sooner than you expect. For some of you, this could be a time of sharing the big news with your friends and family members. Get your best friends to organise a baby shower the crew will never forget! Single Saturnians will find that everybody around them is under their love spell (no tinctures and potions). There's a special someone in this circle who is in the mood to enter into a commitment.Cosmic tip: The Gods of Fertility are on your side.
Aquarius Horoscope Today: August 25, 2020
Love and freedom are two sides of the same coin, Aquarius, and nobody understands this better than you. This could be a time of sudden changes. You and your SO may have to part ways temporarily due to external circumstances. The old you would have panicked at the thought of separation, but the new you understands the importance of fulfilling your individual commitments. Some of you may even be entering into a work contract together. PS: You make a dream team, water bearer.Cosmic tip: Here's to a love that's synonymous with freedom.

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