Your Career Horoscope for September 2020

We spend so much time obsessing over how others perceive us, to the point that this interferes with our creative journey. But, what if there is no ‘other’? What if you are the actor, director, camera-person, stylist *and* audience of this film? A little something from the Aquarius horoscope that applies to all of us, at some level. The peacock spirit is coming through as a message for the collective, and you don’t need us to tell you the perks of coming out of the shadows and shaking your tail feathers. It is by embracing your true colours that you will inspire those around you to express their uniqueness. Tapping into your playful side will prove to be especially beneficial for archers. Sing, dance, paint, cook and make a mess. Your soul will heal through this creative catharsis. Cancer, for you, this could be a confusing time. A time when you’re in between worlds and the future hasn’t revealed its grand plan yet. Think of this as a wonderful opportunity to get to know your true self intimately, which in turn will help you make the right career choices. ‘Knowing thyself’ is a theme for Librans too. Reaffirm your conviction to the chosen path and watch how everything turns around for you.

Aries Career Horoscope for September 2020
What if our external reality is merely a reflection of our inner world, which in turn is comprised of our thoughts, patterns, and beliefs? The internal landscape is in need of pruning, Aries, not because things have gone awry, but because you're ready to ascend to the next level of your career. This requires you to reaffirm your faith in yourself and your dreams. Remember, your resolve will be tested and you will be tempted to give up every now and then. Fix your gaze on the final destination and challenge yourself to move forward despite the hurdles.Spirit animal guidance: The dog spirit is coming through as a reminder to stay loyal to your mission. Everything in the Universe rearranges itself for those who are determined to emerge victorious.
Taurus Career Horoscope for September 2020
September 2020 could bring with itself a new set of challenges. If you're on your own or a part of a team that's been downsized, the workload could increase threefold. There are many things that could be awry at this point, but you're in the pink of your health (well, almost!), doing what you love where you love. What's a few extra files to go through in the larger scheme of things? Does that mean you should push your limits or overextend yourself for the sake of pleasing other people? Anything but, Taurus. The affirmation 'I am enough' will help you draw boundaries wherever necessary.Spirit animal guidance: The nightingale is coming through with the message that the darkest night is followed by the light of day.
Gemini Career Horoscope for September 2020
Maybe you weren't lost, Gemini. Maybe you were finding yourself. Take a moment. Breathe. Start an inner dialogue about where you want to be a decade from now, and actively work towards the desired future. Trust that the clarity you're seeking with regards to your career will come through this month. The storm that you were caught in the midst of will pass too, restoring peace and harmony in your world. Cultivate a meditation practice. Embrace the idea of mindfulness. The tranquility you begin to embody will have a lasting effect on your work and your environment.Spirit animal guidance: With the dove spirit by your side, inner peace will no longer be a myth.
Cancer Career Horoscope for September 2020
The past hasn't loosened its grip on you completely and the future is yet to reveal the grand plan. But, don't get disillusioned by your outer reality. You are where you need to be, and right now you are being called to deep dive into your own subconscious. Remember, you are your own priest and your priestess. You are your own shaman and your own alchemist. So uncover the jewels Spirit has buried deep within you and get ready to rewrite the script. There is a great change coming your way, and you are being prepared for it.Spirit animal guidance: The swan spirit is holding space for you to go beyond the surface and get to know yourself intimately.
Leo Career Horoscope for September 2020
Sometimes things align for us seamlessly. At other times, life feels like an uphill task. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, Leo, provided you're willing to walk through the dark. Tap into your warrior spirit. Now is not the time to give up. While you will be able to cross a majority of the hurdles, you will notice that there are some doors that refuse to open despite your best efforts. Recognise what the Universe is showing you in these moments. You will understand that there is a higher reason behind what's being withheld from you.Spirit animal guidance: The swan brings forth the message that this is a time of deep inner work. By getting to know yourself more intimately, you will find the answers you are seeking right now.
Virgo Career Horoscope for September 2020
Here's the thing, Virgo: everybody loves their opinions, but these opinions have nothing to do with you and your chosen path. Be mindful of what you are letting into your space, and do not give other people the power to lower your vibration. You'll find that the less you worry about the things around you, the better you will be at finding creative solutions. So, surrender what's weighing you down to the divine Spirit and get ready to witness miracles on the career front. September 2020 is also a time of coming into your power. So, step out of the shadows, dance to your own rhythm, and give yourself the permission to share your gifts with the world.Spirit animal guidance: The peacock is reminding you of all the ways in which you are meant to shine your light. The centre stage is where you belong!
Libra Career Horoscope for September 2020
Aristotle once said, "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." This holds especially true for your journey, Libra. Rather than thinking of this as a time of change, think of this as a period of reaffirming your conviction to the chosen path. So, take a deep dive into your own psyche. Remember all the reasons why you decided to start walking this career path. Some of you may also be stepping into the role of a mentor or guide, and shining your light on those around you. Remember, not everybody is on the same level as you. There's a good chance your commitment could trigger all sorts of insecurities within them. Knowing when to disengage will serve you well.Spirit animal guidance: The seahorse spirit is reminding you of the power of observing things from a neutral standpoint. Not your circus, not your monkeys, Libra!
Scorpio Career Horoscope for September 2020
A new way of being is on the cards, Scorpio. But the journey is as important as the destination. So allow yourself to step into the unknown everyday with 'adapt and adjust' as your mantra. This is also a time of coming into your own, singing your own song, and realising the unique gifts that you have brought into this world. If you've been hiding under the garb of mediocrity, it's time to shine your light. You were born for the centre stage, baby, and you want to remember that for the rest of your life!Spirit animal guidance: The canary spirit is rendering you with the courage you need to spread your wings and express yourself freely.
Sagittarius Career Horoscope for September 2020
'Purpose' is such a big word, you know? What if it's not about the destination? What if it's about showing up for your dreams every single day? You are in the midst of a massive transformation, one that's helping you get in touch with your inherent playfulness. So sing, dance, paint, cook, and make a mess. Observe the things that make you feel a sense of oneness with the divine forces. Remember, you are the conduit for creative energy and a channel through which Spirit expresses itself. This month, you could finally muster up the courage you need to follow your inner compass.Spirit animal guidance: It's always a party when the sandpiper is around.
Capricorn Career Horoscope for September 2020
That duality is a way of life in the earthly realm is not news to you, Capricorn, but you will find yourself dancing with this theme more intimately than ever before. So don't get caught up in the illusion of what's good and what's not. Trust that for everything that's being taken away from you, something more magnificent will be sent your way soon. You just have to learn to be patient with the Universe. Focusing on your personal projects alongside what you're offering at work will continue to be an important theme. Trust that the seeds you plant today have the potential to yield an abundant harvest tomorrow. While you're at it, notice the conversations you're having and the people you are crossing paths with. The learnings could be instrumental in unlocking the next level of your professional evolution.Spirit animal guidance: The dolphin spirit is reminding you that light exists alongside the darkness. Focus on the positives.
Aquarius Career Horoscope for September 2020
We spend so much time assessing and reassessing the opinions of others. But,what if there is no other? What if you are the actor, creative director, camera person, stylist *and* audience of this film? Aquarius, you are being encouraged to let go of the voices in your head and listen to your inner oracle. September 2020 is presenting you with the opportunity of discovering the true essence of freedom. Hope and healing will also be a big theme for you in the coming month. Remember Rumi's immortal words: “The wound is where the light enters”. The wisdom you have acquired over the years will help you guide others.Spirit animal guidance: The horse spirit is reminding you that despite the limitations we have been born with, we have the power to change the script. Tap into the power of free will.
Pisces Career Horoscope for September 2020
You're never really prepared for the changes coming your way, yet you are. Trust in the magic and keep moving forward. Swift action is the need of the hour. But that doesn't mean the insecurities won't rear their ugly heads every time you begin to make progress. Instead of running away from your fears, take them out for coffee. Listen to what they have to say. Trust that you possess the courage and wisdom required to transcend your inner demons. On the upside, September 2020 will present you with an opportunity to realign yourself with your soul's purpose. Let your inner compass guide you through the tricky terrain.Spirit animal guidance: The fox spirit recognises an opportunity when he sees one. Trust that success will be yours as long as you think on your feet.

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