Your Love Horoscope for September 2020

Sometimes, things fall into place seamlessly as if by divine intervention. At other times, life leaves us with more questions than answers. It’s all a part of the ebb and flow of life. A delicate dance that is urging you to delve deeper into ‘the why’ and know that your superconsciousness holds the answers. The swan spirit that’s coming through as a collective message is holding space for you to meet the beloved within first. Sagittarius, you’ll find that this is especially true for you right now. Leaving the past and all the pain associated with it is a big theme for you right now. Gemini, you’re being encouraged to let go of the old story too. The rejection you experienced in the past no longer defines you. Scorpio, this is a time of facing karmic lessons. Allow patterns that you’d buried to come to the surface so you can transform the old wounds.

Aries Love Horoscope for September 2020
It's true that you've experienced a fair share of trials and tribulations in the past. But how long are you going to hold on to this pain, Aries? The cards are pointing towards your unhealthy patterns, which could be preventing you from attracting the love you both desire and deserve. So work towards freeing yourself from the baggage you've been carrying for sometime now. Turning to a therapist or healer could alleviate the process. Rams in love are being reminded that love is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. Let go of the need to intellectualise your experiences or put them into words, even. You're feeling what you're feeling, and your feelings are valid.Spirit animal guidance: “Live vicariously through your heart," says the bobcat spirit, "and trust what the Great Mystery is leading you towards."
Taurus Love Horoscope for September 2020
Love isn't always the smell of flowers or the sound of poetic verses. It's about the looks in your beloved's eyes when they have to let you go or how they patiently listen to you when everything's going under. Recognise what you have a rare and special connection, Taurus, one that transcends the boundaries of space and time. This month, you're being asked to let go of the walls you've built around yourself and allow yourself to receive a love that has always been yours.Spirit animal guidance: The swan spirit is holding space for you to recognise the potential of your relationship and dive deeper into the emotional waters.
Gemini Love Horoscope for September 2020
So, things haven't worked out for you in the past, Gemini. How long are you going to hold onto the story of pain and rejection? The cards are pointing towards your inability to show up for life fully. Remember, sometimes you just have to kiss a few frogs before you recognise the Universal plans. Coupled twins are being reminded that the spark won't rekindle itself. So, awaken your inner explorer and set off on a brand new adventure together. There's nothing like an adrenaline rush to make you fall in love with life (and each other) all over again.Spirit animal guidance: with the electric eel by your side, there will be no dearth of inspiration and ideas!
Cancer Love Horoscope for September 2020
Life is meant to be lived, not manipulated or managed. Let go of your false sense of control. Hold space for Spirit to step in and intervene on your behalf. You will soon realise why a certain situation (or person) is not in alignment with your highest good. Challenging as it is, you're being asked to cut cords wherever necessary. If things are meant to work out in the future, they will. For now, lay your trust in the divine unfolding. Coupled Cancerians will find that this is a challenging time. A time when they're unable to move forward despite their best efforts. When you can't fix the external, you turn your attention to the internal landscape. 'Surrender' will prove to be a magical spell that will help you sail through the troubles with ease.Spirit animal guidance: The moth is bringing forth the message that it's time to release the need for certainty and ease into a balanced way of life.
Leo Love Horoscope for September 2020
Sometimes, it feels like everything is coming up roses. At other times, challenges await us at every step. If the cosmic cues are anything to go by, you'll find yourself walking through the fire, Leo. Instead of running in the opposite direction, recognise what the Universe is showing you. There is a need for deep healing within, which in turn will restore balance and harmony within your relationship. For some of you, lack of trust may be showing up as a major issue. Remember, you'll find a way to triumph over your troubles by talking about what's on your mind.Spirit animal guidance: The bobcat spirit is urging you to trust the Great Mystery. Sometimes you need to experience certain karmic lessons in order to transcend the wheel of Samsara.
Virgo Love Horoscope for September 2020
Domestic bliss is promised this month along with the gifts of abundance and security. It's all coming up roses for you. We are officially in Virgo season after all! What you will discover in the days to come is that it's seldom about the big stuff. It's the way your person looks at you when you're talking about the things you love, or how they remind you to stay in your magic when you forget to, that makes your relationship so meaningful. Couples who've been to hell and back over the past few months are being reminded that the worst is behind them. Compassion towards the other will help you transcend the stormiest of storms.Spirit animal guidance: The dove spirit is helping you bring the energy of peace, balance, and harmony into all of your relationships.
Libra Love Horoscope for September 2020
It's true that life is all about taking chances, but that doesn't mean you have to go looking for love in all the wrong places. If it's meant to be, you'll know instantly. If it's not, you'll know you're chasing all the wrong things. Trust your inner guidance, Libra. Instead of going around in circles, redirect your attention towards yourself. Fully showing up for your dreams will change the game for you permanently. For coupled Venusians, on the other hand, taking chances will be a big theme. The Universal forces are supporting you to move to the next level. Embrace the unknown and know that it will bring forth joy and harmony.Spirit animal guidance: The skunk spirit is reminding you of your worth. Stay in your magic, wild one.
Scorpio Love Horoscope for September 2020
What if each word we utter is a spell? A spell that has the power to shape our reality? Your discretion will come in handy this month, Scorpio. So instead of cursing your circumstances for what's going under, look within. You will realise that the patterns you put in the grave a long time ago have resurfaced in order to be healed. Remember, as a sign that's associated with transformation, you have the gift to transmute your wounds into wisdom. Those flying solo could find themselves face-to-face with a toxic lover from their past. Do you really want to play the same game all over again? This is your moment of truth, wild one.Spirit animal guidance: The parrot spirit is reminding you that you are creating as you speak. So be mindful of what you're putting out into the multiverse.
Sagittarius Love Horoscope for September 2020
So, it didn't work out! Maybe it's not meant to. Maybe there's something better in store. Recognising what isn't in alignment with your truth is just as important as recognising what is. Spirit has a plan for you. Learn to trust the divine unfolding, Sagittarius. Coupled archers may find that their partner is not vibing at their frequency right now. That this is a challenging time in the collective is not news to you. So, express what's on your mind but also be receptive to what the other has to say. Let ‘kindness’ and ‘compassion’ become your power words this month.Spirit animal guidance: The pig is urging you to use your mind wisely; to find balance between logic and intuition. This will help you recognise the patterns that are playing out right now.
Capricorn Love Horoscope for September 2020
Do *you* believe in the potential of this relationship? Your faith is the only thing that matters, Capricorn. Look beyond the temporary outer conditions and focus on the life you are manifesting together. Before you know it, everything will fall into place magically. Single Saturnians are being asked to take chances. To show up for life fully. You never know who you may cross paths with *or* reconnect with unexpectedly.Spirit animal guidance: The badger is known for its bold and fearless spirit. Embodying this energy will help you make space for miracles.
Aquarius Love Horoscope for September 2020
New and auspicious beginnings are indicated, Aquarius. But don't wait for fate to intervene on your behalf. Take a step towards the other and know that your courage will be rewarded greatly. Building a beautiful life together is no longer a distant dream. Coupled water bearers, on the other hand, may find that ups and downs are a constant this month. Instead of blaming your partner for how you're feeling, look within. Chances are, you are not accepting yourself fully, which in turn is being reflected in your relationships. Word for the wise: stop apologising for who you are and what you believe in.Spirit animal guidance: The cow spirit wants you to know that you are stepping into a beautiful time and that you'll never run out of miracles.
Pisces Love Horoscope for September 2020
This is a beautiful, beautiful time for you, Pisces. A time of experiencing joy and harmony. You'll find that your partner is on the same page as you and understands your needs fully. If this isn't a good enough reason to celebrate, what is? Single Pisceans will find that luck is on their side too. A grand proposal from somebody who lives overseas could come your way—just when you're about to give up on love. Keep your judgements and biases aside and be receptive to what this phase of your life is bringing forth.Spirit animal guidance: The giraffe brings with it the reminder to focus on the big picture. Everything is coming together!

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