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Horoscope today: September 6, 2020

Letting go is a big theme this weekend. Both Virgos and Leos are being asked to recognise that which is no longer in alignment with their truth. Cut the cords where you need to and do so with loving awareness. Your ancestors are holding space for you. It’s been a wild, wild ride, Libra, and you need to take time off from everything in order to process your emotions. Prioritise self-care this weekend instead of getting caught up in worldly responsibilities. Pisces, you’re being encouraged to nurture yourself as well. The only question you want to ask yourself today: “What can I do to make myself feel good?”

Aries Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
We, as human beings, love our stories. Stories that often portray us as the victim. Be aware of how and where this narrative is playing out in your life, and all the ways in which you are blaming your circumstances for the lack of security in your life. In moments of silence you could discover that the root of this issue lies in your childhood. Word for the wise: healing your inner child could help you clear the baggage of past karma.Cosmic tip: Work through your inner child traumas.
Taurus Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
You're leaving the past and all the turmoil associated with it behind. This is a time of transition, Taurus. Trust that you're being led towards calmer shores. But before you move to the next level, you're being asked to slow down, breathe, and reassess the lessons you've been asked to pay attention to over the last few months. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you do. Decluttering your schedule will help you make space for the rest and rejuvenation you need right now.Cosmic tip: Take a break.
Gemini Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
You know what they say, Gemini! Life has other plans. You'll find that this theme is playing out beautifully in your story. Watch how Destiny intervenes on your behalf and opens the gates that were once tightly secured. You're also likely to attract serendipitous encounters and receive flashes of inspiration as you go about your day. Pay attention to what your helpers from the unseen realms are urging you to look at.Cosmic tip: Destiny is about to pull some major strings on your behalf.
Cancer Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
While free will plays an important role in determining the course of our lives, there are certain things that are written in the stars. You're stepping into a beautiful period of your life, Cancer. A time when Destiny will reveal its grand plan to you and fulfill your many dreams and desires. Notice the people you're crossing paths with as well. They are helping you form a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.Cosmic tip: Destiny is about to intervene.
Leo Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
Recognising what isn't good for you is just as important as recognising what is. Today, you're finding the strength and courage needed to break a vicious cycle. Stepping into the unknown can be intimidating. But, the cards want you to know the journey you've undertaken will ultimately liberate you. This is also a time of closure. A time of releasing the old stories *and* relationships that have been weighing you down. What you will realise in the process: chaos and conflict have served as a catalyst for positive change.Cosmic tip: Release the old story now.
Virgo Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
Letting go is a big theme this weekend. Like the lions, you're being asked to recognise that which is no longer serving you, the old stories that have served their purpose in your existence. Cut the cords where you need to and do so with loving awareness. Remember, you're not alone, Virgo. You never were. You ancestors are coming through strongly at this point to provide you with the help and support you need in this realm.Cosmic tip: Recognise what is no longer in alignment with your truth.
Libra Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
The past few weeks have felt like a wild, wild ride through the multiverse. It's been a time of massive revelations and breaking out of the old. You need a break, Libra, and this weekend is bringing with itself the opportunity to put your feet up. If you've been at odds with somebody lately, you'll find the courage and strength required to put a balm on the old wounds and play peacemaker.Cosmic tip: It's time to put your feet up.
Scorpio Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
There's a deep inner knowing within you, one that's helping you recognise that things are happening for you, not to you. You attracted certain experiences into your life in order to break past limiting patterns and meet your true power. There's no going back from here, Scorpio. This weekend finds you stripping away the false layers, amping up the self-love quotient, and embracing the parts of you that you have rejected. Watch how the doors that were once closed will open for you to reaffirm that you're on the right path!Cosmic tip: Things are happening for you.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
There are no shortcuts, Sagittarius. No magic formula that will take you to the desired destination. The cards are reminding you that it's important to keep the long term vision in mind as you commit to the hustle. You've got this! Your interpersonal relationships are also taking centre stage. You're re-examining the bonds that have been weakened with the passage of time and tide and actively working towards making amends. Remember, healing is not an overnight process. So be patient with the other person.Cosmic tip: It's time to mend certain relationships.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
They say your vibe attracts your tribe—a cliché that holds true for where you are, Capricorn. You are surrounded by all the people you love. People who are holding space for you to reach your highest potential. A prayer of gratitude is in order. For some of you, reuniting with your soulmate could be a major theme. The Universe always knows what's good for us so trust the doors that are opening up for you in this moment.Cosmic tip: Reuniting with your soulmate may be on the cards.
Aquarius Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
Sometimes we try every trick in the book, but the doors that are locked refuse to open. And then, there are times when major pathways open up for us as if by divine intervention. If the cosmic cues are anything to go by, the latter will play out beautifully in your existence. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and allow your guides to lead you in the right direction. You know what's right for you, Aquarius. Let go of the need to discuss it with other people.Cosmic tip: You're about to witness major miracles.
Pisces Horoscope Today: September 6, 2020
Self-care may sound counterintuitive at a time like this, self-indulgent even. But, the secret of the Universe is that everything works inside out. In other words, it's only by showing up for yourself fully that you are able to hold space for others and fulfill your sacred purpose in this world. Today, despite what your conscious mind is telling you to do, take time off to nurture yourself. Start by asking yourself the question, "What can I do to make myself feel good?”Cosmic tip: Everything works inside out, Pisces.

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