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Your Career Horoscope for October 2020

What is the true meaning of freedom, and are we truly free unless we’ve liberated ourselves from the voices in our own heads—the voices that keep us from moving forward when our time to shine has finally arrived? As a number 10 month, October will deal with both, painful endings and the smell of newness, hope, and inspiration. Completing karmic lessons (which sometimes feels like an uphill trajectory) will be a big theme. Challenge yourself to move forward when you’re most tempted to give up and prepare to meet your true potential on the other side. The rewards will be immense, tribe—this we can promise.

Aries Career Horoscope for October 2020
Your inner explorer is coming to the fore this month, Aries, urging you to set off on a brand new adventure! Some of you may feel inspired to relocate or change your address permanently. Others are likely to adopt 'playfulness' as their mantra and vow to do things differently. Remember, the only rulebook you want to follow is the one you are writing for yourself. October 2020 promises to be a financially abundant period too, with the projects you've been working on coming full circle. Your anxiety related to money may not leave your side, though. Work on shifting the beliefs that are rooted in your past and know that the divine forces are with you.Power crystal: Fire agate is a powerful stone that will help you release negative beliefs related to abundance, and facilitate root chakra healing.
Taurus Career Horoscope for October 2020
October 2020 promises to be a month of many twists and turns—a rollercoaster ride, if you may! On the upside, you're likely to have your moment in the sun—a seismic shift that will empower you to go after the dreams that once seemed unrealistic. Forget about what others have to say, or what they don't. You're not letting anybody down by facing your true north. Taking risks is also going to be a big theme in the coming month. What you will realise in the process is that the unknown is where the magic has been hiding all along. On the downside, somebody in the workplace could let you down or reveal a secret that could threaten your empire. Be mindful of who you are letting into your sacred space. Oh, and one more thing! Don't share your ideas with anybody who could potentially plagiarise them.Power crystal: Chlorite is a powerful protector that will help you ward off evil.
Gemini Career Horoscope for October 2020
October 2020 promises to be a month of many breakthroughs. Trust that you will find your way around something you've been struggling with for the past six months. What's more, your moment in the sun could get you noticed by the power players who will then be instrumental in advancing your career. Play your cards right, Gemini. What could potentially pose as a challenge, however, is the support of your colleagues, especially if you're still working from home. Learning to be self-reliant in every way is key. Things on the financial front will be looking up too. Given how uncertain things are at the moment, you may feel inspired to create a reserve rather than splurge.Power crystal: Turn to clear quartz to seek clarity on both, your mission and your allies.
Cancer Career Horoscope for October 2020
October 2020 finds you focusing on the inner world, rather than the material realm. You're in the mood to connect with yourself on a deeper level and allow the cosmic currents to take you where you are meant to go. Both the creative and the divine arts are blessed as a result of this cosmic collaboration. Some of you may feel inspired to take a different route altogether—to venture into a territory you never have before. Others may feel guided to breathe new life into a project they had placed on the back burner a while ago. Don’t expect a major shift or a life-changing opportunity, though. The Universe wants you to continue to stay in yin mode.Power crystal: The bluish-green larimar is known to hold the vibration of the ocean, and assist the seeker in assessing higher dimensions.
Leo Career Horoscope for October 2020
Don't you love when Destiny intervenes and sets things right on your behalf? It's a month full of serendipitous moments, Leo. The events that will soon take place were written in the stars before your birth in the earthly realm. Recognising these opportunities is key. Acting when the time is right will open doors you never had access to before. Here’s the thing, though: your tendency to underestimate yourself will catch up with you every time you’re about to strike gold. Breathe. Remind yourself of who you are and what you’re truly worth. Grounding yourself in faith is the key to slaying your demons—within and without.Power crystal: Keep that tiger’s eye handy for when you need an extra boost of courage and confidence.
Virgo Career Horoscope for October 2020
The Universe always has a plan—one that’s flawless and designed to perfection. When things don’t go as per the plan in our heads, we go into a downward spiral. Be mindful of your tendency to play the victim card or blame your circumstances. Remembering the transient nature of everything in life will help you get through this storm. Besides, what’s the need to be in action mode at all times when the Universe wants you to slow down and take a break? October 2020 will also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to reflect and realign. You know what you came here to do, Virgo. Now is the time to follow the stirrings of your heart.Power crystal: Howlite is known for its calming and healing abilities. Turn to this powerhouse when you want to connect with the higher dimension and seek guidance on your sacred purpose.
Libra Career Horoscope for October 2020
Hello and welcome to the Libra show! You’re really feeling yourself this month and your inner alignment is bringing all the right opportunities to the yard. Don’t be afraid to stand in your power or show the world what you’re truly made of. Learning to take initiative will take your career to a whole new level. As will putting a price on your work unapologetically. What’s more, creative endeavours of all kinds will thrive under this cosmic climate. Remember, what makes you different is what makes you, you. So, give yourself the permission to bring your inner rebel to the table. PS: The opportunity to sync forces with somebody you admire deeply could arise.Power crystal: Citrine, known to boost both self-esteem and creativity, will help you stay in your magic.
Scorpio Career Horoscope for October 2020
This month, you'll find that your strategy is in place, yet you're unable to move a thing around here. Your external circumstances are something you cannot govern. So, let go of your false sense of control. In moments of deep contemplation, you will understand what Spirit is leading you towards. As always, cultivating patience will help you ride the storm. Remember, just because the big things are on hold doesn’t mean you can’t give your creative projects the attention they deserve. It’s time to awaken your inner child and adopt ‘playfulness’ as your power word.Power crystal: Turquoise, known as the Shaman’s stone, will help you see the higher reason behind everything and gain meaningful insights on your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
Sagittarius Career Horoscope for October 2020
The Universe has a way of communicating to us in signs and symbols. What is the cosmic jam revealing to you, Sagittarius? Are you trying to hold onto something when you’re being guided to let go? Become aware of resistance and how it is preventing you from moving forward. As such, October 2020 promises to be a month full of surprises—a time when you can finally find the courage to start a business of your own or follow your passion. There's a lot to learn along the way once you embark upon the fool’s journey. As the eternal optimist of the zodiac, the unknown is something you've never been afraid of.Power crystal: Amethyst, a calming and protecting crystal, is known for heightening psychic awareness and helping you connect with the unseen realms.
Capricorn Career Horoscope for October 2020
As the oldest of the earth signs, you are known for your practical methods and ability to follow the rulebook to a tee. However, you’re in the mood to surprise yourself this month, to embrace your inner rebel in a way you never have before. October 2020 sees you transitioning to a new way of life with ‘reinvention’ as your magic word. Remember, freeing yourself from your own perceptions will become a powerful catalyst for change. To your surprise, those around you will approve of, rather than resist your ‘go with the flow’ mentality, bringing an element of harmony in your working relationships. You’re likely to forge a deeper connection with your guides and your ancestors too, which in turn will help you seek the answers you need in each moment.Power crystal: The translucent-blue celestite, known to help seekers stand in their own truth, serves as a tool for angelic communication
Aquarius Career Horoscope for October 2020
It’s a ‘go big or go home’ kind of month in the Aquarius HQ, and you’re no longer afraid to stand in your own power. On your agenda this month: expanding your empire and aligning yourself with those who can help you advance your career. ‘Passion’ and ‘ambition’ will serve as your power words in the days to come. Remember, the more committed you are to your path, the more your resolve will be tested. The key is to stay focused and allow that vision board to guide you. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that you didn’t get here by lowering your standards or saying yes to everything that comes your way. Be discriminatory with your time and energy. Reserve the right to refuse an offer if it doesn’t sit right with you.Power crystal: Sodalite will help you unite logic and intuition, and help you channel guidance from the higher realm. It also renders you the ability to stand in your truth unapologetically.
Pisces Career Horoscope for October 2020
You're in the mood for a big change, and exploring opportunities abroad will be on top of your agenda. Those who are involved in business dealings will find fruitful associations overseas. Know who your important clients are and invest in these relationships meticulously. What makes your work unique, though, is your attention for detail. So be mindful of how much you’re taking on, and don’t compromise on the quality of your creations for anything. Some of you will feel the need for formal education in order to progress to the next stage of your career. It’s a good time to go back to your books, Pisces. Spend some time researching on a course that meets your requirements.Power crystal: If you’re planning to embrace the student life, let the green fluorite be your co-conspirator on this journey.


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