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Your Love Horoscope for October 2020

The onset of autumn will bring with itself a strange sense of optimism. The way we love and relate has changed drastically over the past six months, yet our need to seek deeper intimacy—to experience union with our divine counterpart—remains just the same. What Cupid wants you to keep in mind in the month of October 2020: your openness and vulnerability will make space for miracles! The weeks ahead will prove to be especially magical for you, Sagittarius. Listen to what your heart has to say and take a risk. You won’t be disappointed—we promise! Scorpio, connecting with old friends, lovers, and friends who could have been lovers is on the cards for you. Yes, life does give us second chances, and this could be yours. Libra, you’re looking for old school romance in the age of instant gratification. Who knows? You may just cross paths with that special someone who knows how to woo you the right way.

Aries Love Horoscope for October 2020
Rams in love will find that October 2020 is a special month—one that comes with the promise of violins playing in the air. You'll find that your partner is saying and doing all the right things at the right time, while giving you the space you need to be who you really are in this relationship. That mysterious smile on your face reveals you’ve never been happier, Aries. What you need to keep in mind, though, is that spending plenty of time together may not be an option given their work schedule. Word for the wise: practice compassion. Single rams will find that there many suitors who are vying for their attention at the moment. A certain somebody may use the excuse of Zoom meetings to shamelessly flirt their way into your heart. However, if you’re planning to blur the lines between the personal and the professional, it’s a good idea to set some rules from the beginning.Power crystal: Rose quartz is perfect for when you want to feel all the feels and watch your heart chakra expand with love. It’s great for attracting new love into your life as well!
Taurus Love Horoscope for October 2020
If you're not going to be clear about what you want, how is the Universe going to deliver your blessings? It’s time to stop giving mixed signals, Taurus. It’s time to have an honest conversation about where you stand and what you truly desire from your partnerships—first with yourself and then with the other. Settling for anything less than the gold standard has never been your style anyway. Given that we will be stepping into retrograde season mid-month, somebody from your past could re-emerge as well. How much flirting is too much flirting? Be mindful of your tendency to cross the ‘harmless’ territory. If you don’t nip the situation in the bud, there’s a good chance they could land up at your doorstep unannounced and confess their undying love.Power crystal: Turn to blue lace agate for when you need to articulate your thoughts and communicate with clarity. This powerful stone will also help you be assertive and set boundaries.
Gemini Love Horoscope for October 2020
With Mercury going into retrograde, you’ll find things getting chaotic around here. You and your boo could be at loggerheads with one another, especially if you’ve spent too much time cooped up together. But it’s never about the big stuff, is it? It’s usually the small stuff that has the tendency to spiral out of control, especially if you have been sweeping things under the carpet. First things first, take responsibility for what you have said and vow to bring more harmony into the relationship. If your partner asks for space, don’t freak out. Getting some time away from each other promises to be healthy for your relationship.Power crystal: Associated with the divine feminine, moonstone is said to bring gentleness into the equation. Keep this one handy for when emotions are running high.
Cancer Love Horoscope for October 2020
Endings and beginnings are taking place simultaneously, moon child. You are recognising both the patterns and the relationships that no longer serve you. But that doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier. Give yourself the time you need to mourn, if you must. Redirecting your attention towards yourself will help you get through this storm. Coupled Cancerians will find that their partner is craving for space like never before. But is love without freedom love at all? Encourage them to follow their true passion and know that if this relationship is meant to be, they will find their way back to you.Power crystal: Turn to rhodochrosite for when you need to work through that excess baggage. This pinkish-orange stone is also known to expand your consciousness and activate feelings of self-love.
Leo Love Horoscope for October 2020
Karma is tricky territory, Leo—a law that states everything we put into the cosmos comes back to us manifold. What are the seeds you are planting and who are you betraying by virtue of your actions? If you are in a committed relationship, there are chances your need to seek gratification outside could cause permanent damage to your relationship. Word for the wise: be honest with your partner about how you’re feeling and what you would like to explore in this time period. For single lions, this could be a time of connecting with both old friends and lovers, *and* friends who could have been lovers. PS: You won’t know how they really feel about this connection unless you put your heart on the line.Power crystal: Tap into the power of turquoise when you need to speak your truth and bring the gift of active listening into your relationships.
Virgo Love Horoscope for October 2020
Recognising what isn’t good for you is just as important as recognising what is. Be cognisant of what your circumstances are revealing, Virgo. There’s a good chance you’re holding on when Spirit is gently urging you to let go. From where you’re standing, you may feel like this is a big loss and that your life will never be the same. However, the passage of time will teach you that everything that transpired was in your best interest. On the upside, you will spend more time with yourself—more time tending to your own garden. Oh, the things you will learn in the process of practicing non-attachment!Power crystal: Look to the peach moonstone when you need to open yourself to your intuition, and trust that everything is taking place in accordance with the grand plan.
Libra Love Horoscope for October 2020
It’s funny how they refer to you as the most social sign. You love spending time in your own company and revel in the process of tending to your own garden. The good thing is, the Muse will be close at hand, waiting to be expressed through everything you say and do. Coupled Venusians will find themselves craving solo time too, and there is nothing wrong with that. How you express your needs to your partner will make all the difference here. But that doesn’t mean October 2020 is going to be boring and lacklustre. You’ll find that your SO is going out of their way to make your birthday month special in every way. Single Libras could find themselves flirting their way into somebody’s heart towards the second half. Texting endlessly has never been your style, though. Consider exchanging handwritten letters under Cupid’s tutelage.Power crystal: Like your opposite sign, you’re being encouraged to keep the rose quartz close to your heart. Its magickal qualities include self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love.
Scorpio Love Horoscope for October 2020
Recognising what isn’t good for you is just as important as recognising what is. For some of you, this could mean a bitter break-up. Others could find themselves yearning for time off. You know what’s best for you, Scorpio. Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from honouring your needs in the now. Remember, raising your vibrations could just be the secret to restoring harmony in your relationship. Given that we’re stepping into retrograde season, lovers from the past could also re-emerge. But have they really done the work like they claim they have? Only time will tell, Scorpio. For now, be open to connecting with them, but refrain from making any hasty decisions.Power crystal: Lapis lazuli is known to release repressed anger and assist in constructive communication—just the talisman you want to keep handy when things start to go awry.
Sagittarius Love Horoscope for October 2020
Lo and behold, Sagittarius! Cupid’s got his eyes on you and there is no escaping his arrows. A new love offer or the opportunity to deepen your connection may be on the cards. Come as you are, Sagittarius. You’ll find that vulnerability will open the portal to deep connection. Coupled archers will find that their partner is going through a financial crisis. How can you be there for them without making their problems your own? Having certain boundaries in place when things get tough will keep the relationship from going out of balance. Knowing where they end and where you begin is just as important.Power crystal: Smoky quartz is ideal for when you want to ground your energy and neutralise those negative thought patterns.
Capricorn Love Horoscope for October 2020
Peace, love, harmony and togetherness will be constants in the Capricorn HQ, and you could find yourself spending more time with both your partner and your tribe. Striking a balance between your family and theirs is key, though. Prioritising your partner’s crew over your own could lead to bitterness in the long run. On the downside, a secret that has been hidden from you could come to the fore. The real question is, do you want to give the past power to control the present? Work through the trauma and know that talking about the tough stuff will help you heal the wounds that have been reopened. PS: You’ll get through this!Power crystal: will come in handy when you want to activate the flow of good vibes in your heart and in your hearth. This powerful cleanser is known to cleanse the space and dissipate negative energy.
Aquarius Love Horoscope for October 2020
It’s a ‘one step forward, two steps backwards’ kind of month for you, Aquarius. You could continue to tango in the way you have been so far, or embrace the path of least resistance. ‘Surrender’ is a magic word that will open the portal to a peaceful existence. October 2020 is also a time to confront the toxic patterns that you have been repeating on loop. If a certain relationship was good for you, it wouldn’t leave you feeling *this* shattered. Recognise the things that have served their purpose in your existence and vow to find your freedom. Heaven’s got a plan for you—and it’s time to call in your share of miracles!Power crystal: Amethyst, known for bringing spiritual insights and awakening you to your higher purpose, promises to be your ally on this journey.
Pisces Love Horoscope for October 2020
Can you be any more in love than you already are? Get ready to find out, Pisces. October 2020 promises to bring all the feels along with the gift of deeper intimacy. If you’ve been seeing each other for a while, you’re likely to let your friends and family members in on your little secret. If you’ve been texting (read: flirting) for the past couple of months, letting your true feelings be known is going to be an important theme. Overheard at the cosmic conference: the romance angels are on your side. Pisceans who’ve been in a dead-end relationship, however, will be forced to confront their inner demons. Denial is never a good way out. Be honest about where you stand and find the courage you need to exit this toxic situation.Power crystal: Apache tear is just the stone you need when you’re experiencing that sense of loss and are in need of divine protection.


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