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Your Career Horoscope for 2021 is here

According to Numerology, 2021 (2 + 2 + 1) is a number 5 year, which is associated with the planet Mercury. As a result, change will be a big theme, and so will moving past our inhibitions and unleashing our creative potential. Plutonians and Neptunians will be most affected by the topsy-turviness brought about by this change. As a result, they will have to make some rather tough decisions. Cancerians, Capricorns, and Librans, on the other hand, will feel inspired to adopt livin’ la vida loca as a lifestyle. There’s never been a better time to experiment with the new. There’s never been a better time to adopt the spirit of play. So, brew yourself a cup of optimism as you leap into the new year (no matter how the past year has been). You may or may not be able to change the world, but your inner alignment is something you always have dominion over. 

PS: Let’s find out what the coming year has in store for the rest of the signs as far as work and career is concerned.

Aries Career Horoscope for 2021
The year may or may not start off on the best note, Aries. You may feel like your hopes and dreams are being crushed before your own eyes. 2021 will inspire you to move inwards, look deeper within yourself, and find that limitless reserve of resilience. Having a spiritual practice that grounds you at a time like this will prove to be rather beneficial. The good news is, just when you think things cannot get any worse, your circumstances will turn around and a ray of hope will emerge. Keep facing your true north no matter what, and that victory will be yours!Power animal: Don’t worry too much about the green-eyed monster or what other people are saying behind your back. With the eagle spirit watching over you, you will always be safe and protected.
Taurus Career Horoscope for 2021
Like the rams, you may feel like you’re in a bit of a funk at the start of 2021. Some of you may be dealing with health-related issues as well (or just lack of energy!) due to which your productivity could suffer. Word for the wise: Release your unrealistic expectations and allow things to unfold as they are meant to. Choosing the path of least resistance will help you get through this. On the upside, there will be no stopping you once you are back in your element. Your enterprising side will take over, helping you move mountains. What could pose as a challenge when you’re doing exceedingly well is an egotistical boss or a toxic work environment. As long as you're focusing on the coins you’re putting in the bank (and not the drama that surrounds you), you won’t have anything to worry about.Power animal: The turtle spirit wants you to remember the mantra ‘slow and steady wins the race’.
Gemini Career Horoscope for 2021
Unlike the rams and the bulls, you're sashaying into 2021 feeling like your most optimistic self. Everything is as it should be. There’s nothing to worry or complain about in the least. What’s more, your business is finally giving back to you, helping you secure your future in the way that you have been hoping for. Given your profits, it will be a good idea to work on savings and investments in the coming months. What could potentially pose as a challenge to your growth are the events that are likely to unfold in the last quarter. Remember to stay calm and take care of your mental health. Releasing the need to plan or control everything will help you ease into the moment.Power animal: The whale spirit is reminding you that it's okay to not know everything. Nothing will free you like trusting in the Great Mystery.
Cancer Career Horoscope for 2021
You’re feeling your most creative this year and you know that every opportunity you come into contact with is an opportunity to express yourself fully. So, capitalise on what's being offered to you as you allow your inner mad genius to come through. Here's the thing with creatively charged environments, though: everybody comes with their own set of ideals, values, and opinions—ideals, values and opinions which could be wildly different from your own. Remember, the more you focus on the disharmony, the more you will give it power. So, step into the role of the mediator as and when necessary, as you take the idealism down a notch. Focusing on the common goals is the secret to moving forward.Power animal: Let the mouse inspire you to take a detail-oriented approach with all of your projects.
Leo Career Horoscope for 2021
Sometimes the right opportunities fall into your lap unexpectedly. At other times, you have to put on a sexy black suit (or a sequinned one!) and seduce them into your reality. The good thing is, you're really feeling yourself this year, which in turn is giving you the courage to go after what you want. Spoiler alert: it will be hard to say no to you when you're this confident of your abilities, Leo. While there is a lot you will be able to achieve in the coming months, there are certain projects that refuse to take off no matter what. In such cases, it's best to surrender rather than push against the flow. The law of divine timing will take care of everything in your life.Power animal: The wombat spirit is rendering you with the strength to love yourself a little more with each passing day, and to feel truly grounded in your body and being.
Virgo Career Horoscope for 2021
This is a big year for your career, Virgo. You’ll find that the opportunities you let go of previously are finding their way back to you in a brand new garb, reiterating your belief in the fact that what is meant to be yours cannot be taken away from you. If you’ve gone through many changes in the past few years, you’ll find something that you can really commit to. Something that is in alignment with your higher purpose and helps you manifest the financial stability you’ve been praying for. Remember, it is your inner alignment that will change your outer reality. What could pose as a problem is a clash of views with your colleagues. Instead of attacking the other person’s value, take a moment to understand where they are coming from and find a common ground.Power animal: The dove spirit is helping you make peace where there has been war.
Libra Career Horoscope for 2021
2021 sees you livin’ la vida loca, Libra. But, dancing in the rain alone has never been your style. So, you’re taking your soul crew with you—to the edge—in order to experience what living is truly about. As such, creative ventures of all kinds will thrive this year. So will anything related to art, beauty, aesthetics, fashion, entertainment, and herb magic. You’ll find that your friends and siblings are your closest allies, giving you the right advice you need at the right time. If you’ve been on formal terms with your colleagues, trust that you will forge authentic connections with them in due course of time. The money may be slow to come in, though. Have the practical details sorted out beforehand, but do not burden your business with unrealistic expectations.Power animal: The frog spirit is urging you to declutter both your space and your schedule—and sometimes that means saying ‘no’ to something that doesn’t sit well with you.
Scorpio Career Horoscope for 2021
A cataclysmic event at the start of the year could leave you feeling shaken, Scorpio. You had it all planned out, didn’t you? Then, why aren’t things working out in the way you imagined they would? The truth is, you’ve been lying to yourself all along—making peace with something that you never truly resonated with. If anything, the chaos is offering the opportunity to realign with your life path. PS: 2021 promises to be a year of many firsts, provided you find the courage you need to take a step in the right direction.Power animal: The eagle spirit is guarding you and protecting you from up above. So, do what you need to in order to take your life to the next level.
Sagittarius Career Horoscope for 2021
Transition is showing up as an important theme for you in your career space. You’re letting go of that which no longer feels in alignment, and taking a step towards what does. No, it isn’t going to be easy. Then again, nothing worth living for truly is. Remembering it’s time to stop playing it small will render you with courage. PS: Life doesn’t come with a manual, so give yourself the permission to make plenty of mistakes and figure it all out along the way.Power animal: The crow is reminding you that you are not alone. Co-create with Spirit, Sagittarius. Allow the mysterious forces to come through and help you at every stage along the way.
Capricorn Career Horoscope for 2021
Like your opposite sign, Cancer, you’re likely to feel your most creative self this year. When something begins to work for us well, we tend to stick to it for the rest of our lives. However, you’re beginning to understand how your comfort zone is synonymous with rigidity, and are determined to change things drastically. So, break the old patterns and experiment with the new. The project you’re about to take on this year will benefit you greatly from this spirit of play. A word you want to add to your repertoire in the coming months, however, is ‘commitment’. It will be easy for you to get distracted given how action-packed your schedule is. But, if you have said yes to something, it’s a good idea to see it through.Power animal: The porcupine spirit is helping achieve the metaphorical blank slate so you can start over in every way.
Aquarius Career Horoscope for 2021
It’s a year of great changes on the career front, Aquarius, and you’ll find that you have the courage to break away from the norm and follow your true path. For some of you, this shift could manifest as the need to go deeper in research and study. Others may feel inspired to serve as therapists, healers and lightworkers. The study of the stars also has the potential to invoke your interest. The key to growing your practice is marrying your knowledge with intuition. Remember, you don’t just have a duty towards the world. You are responsible for your own survival and well-being too. So, have a business plan in place before you start off, and know that the power to co-create a life that’s both creatively and financially satisfying is already within you.Power animal: The lizard spirit is helping you dream a new world into being.
Pisces Career Horoscope for 2021
Things could feel topsy-turvy in the beginning of the year, especially if you are in the midst of a transition. Losing your balance is sometimes a part of finding your balance. So, let go of the need to have it all together. What you want to do instead is reflect upon what is and isn’t in alignment with your higher self. This will in turn will help you rebuild your career in 2021. Your power words: love and commitment. The more you dedicate yourself to what you love, the easier it will be to commit to your long term goals. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business in a brand new direction, don’t hold back!Power animal: The wasp is reminding you that even when life stings, it is for your highest good.


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